Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage aims at restoring movement and function to tired or damaged muscles. A skilled practitioner releases the Myofascial Trigger and tender points which cause acute and later chronic pain, often occurring in areas at some distance to the actual damage.

Massage is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)  as a therapy that should be considered for non-specific low back pain.
See more at http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg88/chapter/1-guidance

The list below gives some idea of the scope of Remedial Massage, but is by no means comprehensive:

  • Headache
  • Neck pain and immobility
  • Shoulder pain or restricted movement including ‘rotator cuff’ problems
  • Hand, wrist and forearm stiffness/weakness
  • Carpal Tunnel symptoms
  • Mid and Low non-specific back pain
  • Difficulty twisting or bending
  • Stiff or painful hips
  • Groin and knee pain, or restricted movement
  • Difficulty managing stairs
  • Cramp
  • Following an operation:  to speed healing, restore scar tissue and improve mobility

Holistic Massage

A firm massage designed for the individual, an excellent way to combat the tension we feel as a result of work and relationship stresses.

Holistic massage relaxes the major muscle groups, and may release emotional tension.

A holistic massage will produce a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and well being.

Western Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture has proved to be a very useful therapy for the relief of pain, and restoration of movement. The NHS treatment protocol for both low back pain and headache now suggests acupuncture as an effective treatment.

Rose uses this form of acupuncture in combination with therapeutic massage as mutually complimentary and very effective treatments for many clients. Read more at:

About Rose Jones

Rose Jones lives and works in Suffolk, close to the beautiful seaside town of Aldeburgh. She is a highly qualified nurse and masseuse, and a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society. She holds a Diploma in Remedial massage from the Holos Institute, and regularly attends courses to update her knowledge base.

Rose has a dynamic, experiential approach to her work, therefore each massage is individually tailored to meet client needs at the time.

Due to her lifetime experience working in the health services, she is able to take into account existing medical conditions, adapting treatments accordingly. She is also well equipped to identify and advise clients as to whether massage is the correct path they should be taking, and if not, where and how to seek appropriate care.

She is well known locally for her success in treating the more resistant conditions, chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain and movement restriction, painful hips and knees, and has many attestations to her ability.

Rose works from her pleasingly warm and comfortable cottage in Knodishall, Suffolk.

Rose keeps client details and treatment notes strictly for reference only. All personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will never be passed to a third party without a client’s consent.

Rose is open to, and enjoys, discussion regarding any aspect of treatment offered. She has found that often clients are instinctively aware of what will work most effectively for them and will always take client preferences into account when planning treatment.

Strict hygiene is maintained to reduce the risk of cross infection and cleaning and laundry products used are ecological and non-allergenic.

Fees for Remedial and Holistic massage

  • 30 mins £40
  • 45 mins £50
  • 60 mins £60

No extra charge is made for acupuncture incorporated into a remedial massage session. Home visits may be arranged for less mobile clients – a small fee applies.

Call on 07733 076161 for an informal chat to discuss your requirements, or use the Contact Form.

What Rose’s clients think:

“I originally went to Rose because I had a painful and tight lower back problem. She sorted me out in a couple of sessions. I have been a regular client ever since.

Rose is a qualified nurse who has moved sidewise into massage and acupuncture.

She performs deep pressure massage which really helps with stiff or locked up muscles. She has a natural feel for the body and she finds and sorts out the problem muscles every time!   Recently she has given me some acupuncture and I have found that the combination of massage and acupuncture work really well.   I now see her once a month and find that she helps keep my muscles from getting tight and knotted.

I recommend her without reservation. James Powell,  Aldeburgh

Eight years ago I had my first massage with Rose Jones and it was so beneficial that I have followed up with a monthly massage ever since. Rose specialises in deep tissue massage and her expert hands ease away my muscle tension and knots so I feel fitter and more flexible.
Following a meniscal tear, Rose applied acupuncture needles around my knee and I found I was walking without pain for the first time since the injury. We followed up with an acupuncture session and sometimes during a massage she will apply needles.
A very able masseur and genuinely caring person, Rose provides real enhancement to one’s well being.

S. P.   Aldeburgh.


Call on 07733 076161 for an informal chat to discuss your requirements, or use the Contact Form